What to Wear to Go on a Hiking for First Date in Winter

In all the weathers hiking seems very enjoyable activity. So this is best chance to spend time with girlfriend when one is going for first date especially in winter, but in this cold weather its important to knows that what is suitable outfit to wear when when one decides to do Hiking. As given above in winters need a lot of preparation especially when you choose areas where snow falls. It is necessary to wear cloths in layering. Layering means to wear multiple layers to stay warm. As layering allows you to shed, keeps you drier. When you go for hiking it is suggested that wear cloths in three layers i.e. base layer, mid layer and outer layer or shell.

First Layer

First Layer is base layers that touches you body. The main purpose of this layer is to keep the moisture away from your body so that you remain stay dry. Thus helps to sustain the body temperature. Avoid wearing cotton fabrics as cotton absorbs all the moisture which may leave adverse affects on your body. All the underclothes like undergarments are included in this layer. Wool and polyester fabrics works perfect for hiking.

Second Layer

The Second and the Mid Layer must be of insulating layer. The purpose of this layer is to keep you warm. Wool and fleece are considered the best insulators. Moreover, Polartec is also a best option as an insulator. For winter hiking, it protects you from getting wet. Thus this layering is also known as protective layer.

Third Layer

The Third Layer is the Outer Layer, water-resistant or water proof jackets serves as a defense from heavy wind, storm, and from wind and snow. For winter hiking, main thing is breathability. Make sure that your shells must be of light weight that can be handled easily and keeps your body warm. An outer shell with vents and zippers is great to wear because it helps you to regulate the temperature of the body according to the temperature.

It is observed that people who go for hiking lose their body heat through their head so it necessary to cover you head by wearing a hat. In this case, Balaclavas works best to maintain the body temperature as it covers the neck, head and ears. It also acts as shell you can cover your face against the wind. People can wear it under the hoods or hat. For hands, wear mittens or gloves to stop hand chapping. These also help to lessen the risk of frostbite. For foot, wear woolen or warm socks that keep the moisture away so that your foot remains warm and dry. Waterproof boots protects your feet but they are very heavy to wear so people find uncomfortable themselves. Avoid wearing leather shoes because in the cold areas it may freeze. Wear shoes that are made up of rubber and plastic. Moreover, gaiters pairs are available that helps to cover the boots, thus protects you from snow. Although on first date one must need to look stylish, but in winter when you go for hiking don’t rely on just one layer for this its important to knows that what to wear when one go on it, wear cloths according to these layers so that you remain calm and stay away from harmful diseases.

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