How to Layer Clothes for Cold Weather in Winter

Layering in cold weather means wearing several layers of cloths, one on apex the other. It is argued that multiple lighter layers are better than just wearing one thick piece. Scientifically it is proven that air is engrossed among multiple layers that keep our body warm, thus the surrounding air creates a self-produced heat that protect us from cold. Practitioners divided layers into three main parts such as base layer, insulating layer and the last layer is the outer or the shell layer. We can also subtract or add layer according to our need.

First Layer

Basically this is a base layer. Very next to skin layer must be the base layer. The main purpose of this layer is to control the temperature of our body by moving away perspiration from our skin. This helps to keep our body dry thus maintains the temperature of body.

  • This layer can be of anything from long underwear sets to briefs i.e. from t-shirts to tights.

This layer is designed to fit loosely or snugly. For very cool environment, underwear’s are available in different sizes and weights like very light, mid and the expedition, it’s up to you to choose it that suits the temperature of body and activity.

Middle Layer

This is of insulating layer, means the protecting layer. The purpose of this layer is to maintain the heat by closely engrossing air to our body. Natural yarn or fibers seems such as goose or wool seems the best insulators.

  • These fibers keep us warm by providing sufficient heat at a very reasonable weight.

When a regular cotton dress is paired with a wool sweater both act as a good insulator in swear cold days. In the same way for our legs, both fleece and wool trousers make the best insulating layer.

Third Layer

This must be the outer or protective layer; this layer protects us from rain, snow and wind. These layers are available in various ranges such as from simple wind proof jackets to mountaineering jackets. If water or wind goes inside to our inner layers, then we may feel very cold or it may happen we suffer from very serious problems therefore in bad weather, outer layer is considered very important.

Now-a-days shells are found in different categories like shells can be of waterproof, water-resistant and insulated shells. Not just these layers are sufficient to keep us warm we can also put many other layers on our hands and feet. Such as insulated shoes, couple of thick pair of socks and thin gloves can be worn on hands and feet to keep ourselves warm.

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