How to Make Baby Tutu Skirts for Toddlers

There is nothing beautiful than the tutu skirts, and a best gift that you give to kids. It is very inexpensive and easy to make. Moreover, the bonus point is that the toddlers look like little fairies by wearing these. In market they are available in different sizes and in variety of beautiful colors. There are many ways to make a tutu skirt, many people use ribbon instead of elastic. It is seen that elastic is more comfortable so it is more preferable. Not only shimmery but mate tutu can be made.

  • To make this you need tulle of 2m length which is approximately 140 cm in length of any color. Elastic size of the waist, to sew elastic you need thread and sewing machine, pair of scissors, ribbon for bow and a measuring tape or ruler.
  • We are making a tutu for toddlers so take tulle of approximately of 12-14 inches longs for an older toddler you can take strips of tulle for up to 20 inches long.

Firstly took tulle, cut in half than another half again so that you have four pieces of tulles of length 50 by 140 cm in length.

  • Then place the two piece of tulles one after the other, rolled it by the length of 140 cm like sausage then trim its edges so that it gets even from the ends.

Now cut tulle in sections that must be wide for approximately 7.5 inches long. When you cut the tulle you will get two strips as in the beginning we double the tulle. After choosing and cutting the tulle, take the elastic according to the waist of the toddler and then sew it with the thread.

Next step is to knot the tulle pieces onto the elastic. For this take tulle strips and fold them from the center then place the center under the elastic top and then pull the tulle ends over the elastic and pass this from the loop so that the tulle fix onto the elastic. Continue this process of knotting until all the strips tied onto the elastic. When all the knots of tulle got fixed then at the end you will have a lovely tutu. Adding the bow over the tutu skirt will give a more beautiful look. At the end you can add anything like flowers, beads, bow. Hope this helps in making a beautiful tutu. It is very easy and enjoyable activity everyone should try this at home.

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