Revlon Lipstick Colors List 2023

As ladies are always conscious about their total make up, that why almost every cosmetic company has work on every item. From last few years, every brand had done a lot of work on lips because of its an important with and without makeup. Shades latest swatches are cover in Revlon Lipstick Colors List 2023. … Read more

MAC Lipstick Dupes List 2023

Women are always conscious about their beauty and use different types of cosmetic products to enhance face feature in a magical way. So there are so many cosmetic brands which offered a large number of products range for the satisfaction of women. Women give extra attentions to enhance the beauty of their basic face feature … Read more

Best Long Lasting Lipsticks Review 2023

In this fast-paced world, women want to have cosmetic that is quick and easy to apply, low priced and long lasting at the same time. Our talking point is also about the best long lasting lipsticks review 2023.To finds a lipstick that is moisturizing and lasting at least for a whole day is quite a … Read more

How to Choose Red Lipstick for Dark Skin

It is a fact that if you have been wearing classic of its kind of red lipstick shade then you will never be able to get old! The red lipstick is just like that of the little black dress, it is that perfect of its kind of strand of pearls that has all the time bring … Read more

Lipstick Color for Brunettes with Hazel Eyes

Their are various lipstick color which work very well for hazel eyes. It’s no secret that women of color have some of the most beautiful tones around but matching of color scheme is not an easiest task. To chose the best color scheme is an art because lipstick color become you good looking and handsome … Read more

Clinique Lipstick Colour Chart

A lipstick is one important part of makeup, because it looks most apparent. Its necessary that lipstick will match with other makeup in colors as well in shine. A greater shine is look worst while a dull shine is also not look good. This is the reason that every women wants to get a best … Read more

MAX Factor Lipstick Colour Chart

A color chart of Lipstick of MAX Factor brand cover a wide range of shades. Lipfinity that is a well known cosmetic brand, offers you 3D Maxwear lip color which has base coat and gloss in the same product. It claims to last for at least 10 hours. For a quality lipstick long lasting is too … Read more