MAX Factor Lipstick Colour Chart

A color chart of Lipstick of MAX Factor brand cover a wide range of shades. Lipfinity that is a well known cosmetic brand, offers you 3D Maxwear lip color which has base coat and gloss in the same product. It claims to last for at least 10 hours. For a quality lipstick long lasting is too much important that is full fill in this brand. Unlike other long lasting lipsticks, MAX Factor has a workable moisturizer. They always believe on quality products, a man that tried it one time must repeat it again on lips. This is the reason that they always get a positive feedback about quality after launching  of their every collection.

With all of this they always busy in experimenting on colors, this is the reason that with passage of time they add some new in their color chart. From light to dark every colour in this chart makes your lips better.

Colors Names:

  • Potrait Pink
  • Wild Orchid
  • Choclate Red
  • Champagne
  • Coral
  • Merlot
  • Besame Red
  • Carmine
  • Gold Lame
  • Exotic pink
  • Dusty Rose

MAX Factor Lipstick Colour Chart

Many other long lasting lipsticks become dull and cracky as the day passes but the gloss in MAX Factor works well in this regard. It keeps your lips shiny and fresh for whole day. Lipstick is a  important part of whole makeup, with out best looking lips its not possible that whole makeup looks good.

This is the reason that women never comprise on its quality and always take a best product in their makeup kit. This color chart must gives one every variety in selection of right one for lips. Further picture gives a best idea about the range of color, choose one from them.

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