How to Grow and Get Big Nail Beds

Long or short nail beds are mostly genetic. No artificial treatment can increase or decrease the length of your nail bed. However, there are ways with the help of which you can make your nail bed appear longer than it originally is the most important thing in this regard is to keep your nails healthy and clean with proper core and let them grow in a healthy manner.

Small nail bed means; the point where the nail turns from pink to white is very low. Though its shape and length is 99% genetic yet the way you shape the free edge also matter to add fake length to your nails. Here are some wonderful tips that will help you in taking care of your nails and in making them healthy and long.

  • The most important thing is to keep your nail and hands moisturized with some natural oil or some moisturizing product. It is essential for the healthy growth of your nails.
  • If your nails are in a habit of biting nail, quit it at once because it prevents the healthy growth of nails and make the nail bed appear more smaller then it naturally is.
  • Do not clip your nails all the way down to stubs, if possible.
  • Just use a gentle nail filer to shape them.
  • As you have small nail beds, let your nail grow longer. Don’t shape the early in a round form. It makes them look small. Rightly grown nails will be shaped in the best way to add length to them.
  • Use a smooth buffer or to buff the cracked or peeling nail that will give strength to your nail and make them susceptible to break.
  • Do not use hard brushes to calm your nail by the specially designed brush for nail cleaning.
  • Use garlic juice on your nails that will make them strong, healthy and add to their growth.
  • To make your nail bed look bigger, you can choose for the lengthy nail art design which means to have vertical strips or lines of light color nail polish. It will make your nails bed appear long.
  • Use light color of nail polish that also makes your nail beds look long.
  • Apply a conditioner on your nail to help them grow fast.

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