Best Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin and Dark Hair

Most of the women have wide range of lipsticks in their makeup collection but they are not satisfied with any of them because these shades of lipsticks do not look as good as they appear in the picture of model advertizing those shades. It is so because your skin tone and hair color do not suits with the lip stick shade. Here a complete detail of Best Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin and Dark Hair with some other hair colors like red brown with skin tones like tan pan and others. So you have to consider your skin tone and hair color before buying a lipstick shade. Let us discuss which lip color suits to which kind of skin tones and hair color.

  • For fair skin tone, you can wear bold red or any of the deep dark tones to playfully highlight your fresh complexion. Light nude lipstick colors can work equally well for you for casual day time makeup.
  • Those women who have darker skin tones should not wear light or pale lipsticks. Maroon, red or berries shade can work well with their skin tone.
  • Another thing that you must consider is undertone of your skin that can be yellow or pink. Yellow is warm and pink is cool. Knowing your undertone will help you a look while choosing lipsticks. You should choose lipsticks shade similar to your undertone. If you have warmer or yellow undertone, go for deep and dark color. If you have cooler undertone, considers shades with blue or purple. If you are doubtful about your undertone, consider the base tone of your skin.
  • For blodes, you should go for a lipstick shade from pink family.
  • With red hair, wear dark pink or deep red to make your hair color stand out with your lip color.
  • Raven hair can look superb with peachy pink lipstick or opaque shades.
  • Women having grey hair look gorgeous with rose or mauve shades of lip sticks.
  • Brown hair with pink undertone or fair skin look amazing with deep roy shades of lipsticks.

It is important to keep in mind both the hair color and the skin tone for the selection of best flattering lipsticks for your face. But regardless of all these skin tones or hair color restriction, your own choice and style statement matters a lot. What you think looks good on you is more important. On the other hand, you also have to consider things like your dress color, the event you are getting ready for and the time. These whole things prove that its important to match Best Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin and Dark Hair. All these things have to be considered in the selection of most flattering and appropriate shade of lipstick accordingly.

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