Valentines Day Outfit with Match Hair and Makeup

All the beautiful girls out there are surely been searching for the most attractive outfits and planning to look pretty and lovable to surprise their sweethearts. Do not you worry; we have the secret of getting gorgeous in the most romantic way by giving you idea of Valentines Day Outfit with Match Hair and Makeup. If you are confused about what you wear, how to style your hair and how to match your makeup with your outfit, you must read this article to solve your problem.

Valentine day outfit ideas: Choosing a trendy and seductive dress at the same time, is quite difficult some time. You should go for a long flare dress with fine details for a romantic dinner on valentine. You can go for some casual jeans with a delicate bright colored top for a day time plan with your sweet heart. Wear contrasting easy to walk with wedges for day time and semi formal high heels for the dinner.

  • Hairstyle ideas for valentines: Heavy and tight hairstyle are not good choice for valentine day. You can have some light and loose nicely done hair for this romantic day. You can have loose curls or simple blow dry.

Try this quick and easy to do hairstyle. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Apply mouse just on the roots. Blow dry you hair. When they get completely dry, apply a flexible hair spray. Set your hair either on one side or equally on both sides according to your choice. Your hair is ready.

  • Another hairstyle that can be a good choice for valentine’s day is outward waves. To get this cute hair style, use a wand and curl sections of hair away from your face. Set these out flipped waves with the help of a hair spray done.

Makeup ideas for valentines:

For a perfect valentine makeover, it is better to opt for a more natural look with playful highlighting of facial features. You can play with either your eye makeup or lipstick, with smoky eye makeup and thick liner, keep your lips nude or apply a pink gloss only. If you want to highlight your lips, you can wear rose red or deep maroon lipsticks with just a single gold eye shadow and brown liner on eyes. Blush on has to be according to lipstick. Now for complete valentine look, have a heart re d nail art on your nails.

Hopefully, now you have pretty ideas of what to wear along with the matching makeup and hair on valentine day to impress your Mr Charming.

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