Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Are you frustrated with your weak and unhealthy nails? Do you have nails that do not grow above your finger tip? Do you have the dream of long, healthy, strong, and beautiful looking nails like models? If your answer is yes than there is no need to worry now, because right in this article, we are giving you excellent tips for strong and healthy nails.

 Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails are given there..

  • The first thing is to know the type of your nails. You must know that weather your nails are dry, soft, brittle, damages or having any allergy. Knowing the type will give you that what kind of treatment is good for your nails.
  • If you have dry nails massage olive oil on it twice a day. The soft nails mean that there is excess of moisture in them so there is no need to apply moisture but wear gloves. Brittle nails are those which are extremely stiff and badly need moisture. Apply a moisturizing lotion on your brittle nails and leave it overnight. F you have damaged nails that do not grow evenly or are more prone to cracks, it can be due to some physical ailments or use of excessive drugs. Get your ailment cured first.
  • If you have a bad habit of biting nails, quit it at once because it weakens the nails and prevent their healthy growth.
  • File your nails weekly. The uneven growth of nails makes them easily breakable. File them whenever and wherever you find unevenness. Remember filing in one direction.
  • Take a small piece of garlic and rub it on your nails for 15 to 20 minutes before you go to sleep. It will make them strong and give a natural shine to your nails.
  • Drink a lot of water that will help to maintain the moisture of your nails and keep them healthy.
  • Apply thick coat of nail polish that will prevent chipping. You can only apply nail polish or hardener on a nail tip that will make it less breakable.
  • Soak your nails in warm water and dip them for 5 minutes in lemon juice.
  • Have manicure at least after two weeks and keep your nails moisturized.
  • Use gloves while washing the dishes to avoid the chemical of soap that can cause damage to your nails.
  • Treat your nails as if you have wet nail polish on them.
  • Do not scratch anything with your nails that can cause damage and make them crack.

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