Healthy and Best Foods for Winter Season

Winter is the season for being indoors and enjoy the special food of winter. As its cold outside, we need an extra amount of calories to provide warmth to the body. The idea of a family sitting together around the burner which gets more active in winter season is very exciting. It comes with the warmth of eating hot soups and dry fruits. Here we have suggested the best food that will keep you happy and healthy during winter season.

  • You should have more warming food during winter. The vegetables that take long time to grow are traditionally known as warming vegetables. Those mostly include roots vegetables like carrots. Instead of the leafy vegetables that tend to grow quickly, these warming vegetable are best choice of winters.
  • Frequent use of seasoning that include black pepper, green chili and chili pepper etc is good in winter season because of their warming properties.
  • Winter is the time to store up on heavier, high calorie foods. Smaller, dense and compact food is considered the specialty of winter season. Whole grain are good choices for winters, sunflower and sesame seeds are also warming in nature according to some traditions.
  • Soup is the most satisfying and hearty dish for winters. You can add dried beans and lentils to make your soup more tasty and warming.
  • Dry fruits like peanuts, almonds, pistachio and walnut are the exclusive gift of winter season. These dried nuts are dense in protein which is essential for human body especially hair. You can eat a handful of nuts everyday which will improve your hair growth and relax your body.
  • You should add more oatmeal in your diet. It helps to avoid winter blues. The whole grain carb like oatmeal can give you depressed winter mood a much needed boost.
  • Every season come with the gifts of newly ripped fruits. You can have juicy citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits in winters. These fruits rich in Vitamin C makes your dray and pigmented skin (due to the dryness in the air during winter) fresh and healthy. All these citrus fruits contain rich amount of Antioxidants.
  • You must have fish like tune which is rich in omega 3 twice a week. It has fibrous protein that keeps your body firm and makes your skin look younger.
  • Spinach is considered super food for winter because it is richly packed with nutrients.

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