How to Treat Acne for Black Skin

Acne is a critical skin problem which is damage your skin in different age group. It spoils your skin and there are so many reasons off acne in women. Mostly people consider the brown skin naturally tougher that fair skin tone. Skin is a sensitive organ of human body and we take care of this organ very carefully. When you are going on any medication treatment you know about the side effect of this treatment because your skin is very sensitive. Dryness and irritation is the main cause of acne on your face. Some time acne produces access of oil glands.

Causes of acne in black skin

There are so many causes of acne in both girls and boys .Mostly 12 and 25 year old persons affect this difficult situation and sometime younger people. The acne problem common in boys instead of girl. Actually acne affects the area of your face then neck, back and other body parts. There are some acne cause found in girls and women just like polycystic ovary syndrome, and conditions that cause excess male hormone to be made in the ovary or adrenal gland. Beside these there is also some specific acne causes like

  • Stress
  • Access of oily makeup
  • Dryness
  • Hormonal changes

Treatment of acne in black skin

First of al wash your face twice in a day and after washing your face use a moisturizer according to your skin type .Don’t over wash your face because water leave of the natural oil and active the oil gland which produce excessive oil .Then you face a huge acne problem and use different method to get rid of this situation.

Exfoliation is must in every skin type because it removes the dead skin cells, dirt and other bad things. Use a best quality of scrub and use it twice in a week.

Protect your skin from sun exposure because sun rays damage your skin and produce acne, so use a sun block or sunscreen cream for protecting your skin from UV rays. Alight weight oil free formula perfect for brown skin.

Moisturizer is a best thing which uses ever water touch to your skin. So keep in touch with this page to know about the treatment of acne.

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