Step by Step Instructions Beginners on How to Tie a Tie

A difficult task for all beginners that want to tie a tie because it’s not an easy task to make a knot of tie. Step by Step Instructions for Beginners that How to Tie a Tie is given there through one can easily make a proper knot. Now in majority of offices tie is an important part of dress code so for every employee it’s necessary that they must wear a proper tie. Meanwhile now dress code of schools also include a proper tie so for them it’s necessary that students also know that how to tie a tie. Most important usage of tie is that one going to event and one is not knows that how to tie and tie and he also never find a person in surrounding that know to make a knot then its necessity that one must visit this page and by following these instruction make an easy knot of tie.

  • How to Tie a Tie for Beginners?

At start one can up the collar of shirt in which one wants to tie a tie in front of mirror. Then pass and hang tie across collar in such a way that if you are right handed then wider end of tie will hang on right side and if you are left handed then hang wide end on left side.

  • Narrow end of tie will hang on front of shirt seam.
  • After this move that end of tie that will wide in such way that wide and narrow end cross each other on seam.
  • Then wide end of tie will pull behind the narrow one end.

Then again take wide end around it in such way that it will face off to one left side.

  • After this then again second time wide end of tie will pull behind the narrow one end.

Now final work will start and this time wide end of tie will pull under the loop that is also around neck.

  • Then at front of the tie pull wide end down trough knot.

This is final step when one tighten the knot by slide it up the narrow end. Its necessary that at end one must make sure that tie is straight and length is also according to suitable length of tie. Further some pictures are also given that also help one to understand that how to tie a tie especially for beginners step by step because this is one simple and easy method.

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