How to Wash Tie Dye Shirts after Dying with Vinegar for the First Time

A big task for all those that use tie dye shirt is that How to Wash Tie Dye Shirts after Dying with Vinegar for the First Time. For this kind of shirt it’s necessary that one must wash it in proper way. In other case shirt will fade quickly and not able to wear. Especially after dying for the first time there are greater chances of fading or pattern will go in disorder form. So must take care of this thing and wash and fold Tie Dye Shirts with vinegar for the first time after dying and must take care of proper procedure that is also given as in following text.

Some instruction for washing Tie Dye Shirts First Time:

  • For washing Tie Dye Shirts don’t use hot water because in hot water maximum time shirt will fade. So for first time use cold water for wash.
  • One must soak the tie dyed shirt in tub for at least 30 minutes mixed with some kind of detergent that will not suitable with colors.
  • Don’t rub Tie Dye Shirtsand wash it gently.

How to Wash Tie Dye Shirts after Dying with Vinegar:

In order to wash tie dye shirt first time with vinegar one must add 1 cup white vinegar in some cool water that will take in bucket.

  • After this soak this shirt for at least 30 minutes. In this period of time mixed white vinegar in cold water must improve the shine of your shirt.

After passing 30 minutes take it out from this bucket and wash it again with cold water.

If one is not satisfy from it brightness one can also add half spoon of table salt and add 1 cup of white vinegar and this time just wash from this detergent mixed water.

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