Tie Dye Shirts How to Fold and Make Instructions at Home

How to Fold and Make Instructions about Tie Dye Shirts at Home are combined at one place. Although this is a 60s dyeing pattern but this will get such fame that now it will an important part of shirts. Even now this pattern had become part of their tradition. This time at start we give some important thing about it making then among this fold of shirt is too much important. Because this dyeing method is used for making a pattern and this pattern is get by folding of shirt during dyeing in specified way so folding is too much important for this process. This is not too much difficult to make these designs at home but it’s too much important that one follow a proper method. For this simple method and some instructions are given below.

First moving towards the colors that are used in this pattern then majority of them is of bright. Basically multiple colors are used in it and they all are bold and bright. These colors are pattern in particular way through folding. Tie Dye Shirts pattern process will consists of some major things that include folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands. Sometime dye prior to the resist, multiple sequential dye and resist steps that also includes stitching and stencil.

Tie Dye Shirts How to Fold and Make Instructions at Home

How to Fold Tie Dye Shirts:

  • Make stripes.
  • Create a spiral.
  • Create polka dots
  • Make rosettes.
  • Give your shirt a crumpled look.
  • Create pleats
  • Create a lightning bolt

How to Make Tie Dye Pattern and Apply on Shirt :

  • Set up a work area
  • Soak your shirt
  • Prepare your dyes.
  • Dye your shirt
  • Let the dye set.
  • Rinse out the dye
  • Wash your shirt
  • Dry and wear your shirt.
  • Make tie dye cupcakes
  • Make tie dye paper.
  • Try tie dying your nails.
  • Create a tie dye effect in photoshop.

Instruction when one is going for Make Tie Dye at Home:

During its making one must take care of some things among which one important thing is safety precautions that must wear rubber gloves during dying process. Multiple chemicals are includes in dying colors so keep dying material away skin.

Second important thing is the fabric of shirt then most suitable fabric for this tie die shirt is pure cotton. At this fabric fading chances are going minimum so try to use cotton.

Above given are some simple instructions for Tie Dye Shirts How to Fold and Make at Home. One  can try them at home and hopefully success to get some marvelous tie dye pattern.

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