How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot with a Dimple

Step by step details that How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot with a Dimple. This making knot style of tie is simple and it will also give professional look. So it will easy to make and within short period of time one can tie a half Windsor knot. If one add dimple in its knot then with this addition it will also suitable for part use. If one sees the face shape and size of Half Windsor Knot then its shape is like triangle and knot size is also bigger from normal one that also a positive thing for wearing of tie. So this type of tie knot is able to use for multiple purpose. Some knot pictures of tie is also updated here that will also help one to tie this type of knot.

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot with a Dimple?

While some instructions through which it’s not difficult to tie a tie but it’s necessary that one must follow these instructions step by step. So, try it with great car and hopefully it will work for you.

In this method again up the collar of your shirt and pass tie around this collar in such a way that wide side of tie will on the right side of your body. And one also must take care the length of wide side is three times greater than its narrow side that will approximately 12 inches below narrow side.

  • After this wide side of tie cross over the narrow side.
  • Then take the wide side around after which automatically wide side will go under the narrow side.

When wide will go under the narrow side then take a loop around neck and this time tighten it.

  • Now time will come when one take wide side over the narrow side moving from right to left out front.

Then through loop slide wide side around neck.

  • Now stage will come of making a knot and this time take wide side through knot in front.

Then adjust it by tighten it according to requirement and also adjust its shape in pure triangle. Also adjust the size of knot by adjusting narrow end of tie. Now narrow end of tie will come under the wide end of tie. So by adjusting its narrow end one can easily tight or lose the knot of tie.

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