Short Haircuts for Older Women Over 50 with Glasses

Women are very conscious about their looks no matter from which age they belong. Thus having modish look is the first priority of older women too. The very common problem for the old age women is the graying of hairs and to wear glasses but to have a younger look most of the old age women prefer to dye their hairs and most of the women go with shortening the hair. Women having short haircut looks younger than their age. These haircuts give a glossy, flattering and cool look to them. And they are best choice for them as these require a very short time to style, maintain and giving them a smart look. In this article some wonderful haircuts are given for older age women that can be easily worn with the glasses to have a stylish, sleek and younger look.

  • Shoulder-Length Haircut with Bangs This haircut is the most simple, classic one with the glasses. Women feel confident by wearing this and most of all it is very easy to manage. Parting hairs from the middle with just front layering gives you very smoother touch to old women.

Wispy Feathered StyleThis unique haircut works well with the glasses. Longer, side bangs with the lengthier feather strands looks very smart for the old age women.

  • Bob Haircut Still this haircut is very famous for all age women for adding a fresh touch with the glasses. It will become more elegant if it creates rounded volume nicely at the sides and by adding luscious curls.
  • Pixies Pixies are the most versatile haircut and can easily be paired with the glasses. It is suitable for all women no matter from which age they belong but it is good choice for women over 50.

Stylish Cropped Haircut with Side Bangs This trendy hairstyle include some layers just about your crown for adding volume. If you combine pair of glasses with the side swept bangs will give you a perfect elegant look.

  • Short Textured A-Line Haircut This haircut with the disconnected ends and enhanced textured with A-line draws the attention of everyone and it suits well with the pair of glasses.

Updos Different kind of updos are in style in this wear but low updo hair is best for women having triangular and oval face, older women can experiment different types of updos with the pair of glasses.

  • Spiky CrewcutOlder age women especially above 50 look gorgeous with crewcuts. Most of the women think glasses lessen their beauty but having glasses with this hairstyle will give them a fresher and younger look

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