How to Do a Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes Step by Step with Pictures

From the past few decades heavy eye makeup is very much well-liked in the East and in the West. Smokey eyes are much admired on the runway and on the red carpet. Most of the people assume that this kind of eye makeup is perfect for nighttime, but a good Smokey eye can become delicate and pleasing for daytime too. When we talk about the Smokey makeup for blue eyes, girls should avoid using the blue tones as the blue tones color will actually toning down the color of the eye. It is best to choose the opposite color of the eyeshade to your eye ball color so that your eye becomes prominent. Bronze, Antique colored rust browns, plum and pumpkin eye shades colors are perfect to choose for blue eyes. Women having light and fair skin color avoid choosing the dark colors.

Brown liner works well than the black liner as it will give softer look and choose brown mascara. Expert recommended using the orange eye shades for blue eyes for a Smokey touch. Here step by step instructions are mentioned for right Smokey looks during the hours of daylight and night time.

Smokey Eyes at Daytime

A Smokey eye can be made good by just using soft colors and brown mascara.

Instruction 1: Apply a bronze cream or soft orange eye shade on the eye lids.

  • Instruction 2: To reflect dabbing, follow by dabbing in the inner corner of the eyes.

Instruction 3: To have a Smokey tone into the lash line, smudge rust-colored eyeliner with a rich brown and a spot of bronze shimmer.

  • Instruction 4: Apply the brown pencil into the waterline to brighten up the eyes.

Smokey Eyes at Nighttime

Experts recommended that use unexpected shades of purple, lilacs and plums to make a Smokey eye that creates blue eyes show up.

Instruction 1: In the lash line, apply a deep shade and start smudging upwards towards the wrinkle.

  • Instruction 2: Apply a medium color shade just above the wrinkle of the lid.

Instruction 3: At the end apply the lighter shade to brighten the inner corners, brow bone and the water line.

This is a complete tutorial that how to do a smokey eye makeup for those ladies who has blue eyes. Follow these step one must become more attractive and beautiful after wearing it.

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