How to Wear Hijab in Style for Wedding Party

In most of the Islamic states wearing hijab is made compulsory for women. However, around the world women always tried to adapt the latest fashion trend. At present women have more options than before. Women are very conscious about their dressing when going anywhere. Hijab is basically originated from the Arabian culture and tradition. Generally it is a sign of women grace and modesty. The style of hijab enhances the women beauty. The main purpose of hijab is to cover your head and chest. In the same way hijabi girls also does planning what to wear with their hijab while keeping the style. Hijab style always must be according to the event.

  • They are available in plain as well as in printed fabric which gives you a decent and sober look. There is a number of ways how to wear hijab in style for parties or for weddings.

Some Styles with Images:

  • Match the hijab with the color of your dress then topped your hijab with a tier that should be covered at the back. This look will give you an elegant look. It will be more pleasing if you add a simple silver headband on your forehead.
  • Crystal-printed hijab will goes perfect with the addition of a bling: a silver headband or head chain. The silver colored head chain gives sophistication and sparkle. You can also use a gold headband or head chain or according to your dress.
  • You will look absolutely stunning if you double your hijab fabric. This doubling creates a matchless double layer that helps to combat sheerness. You can also try layering with your dupatta.
  • If you want to show off your accessories than you can wear hijab in the form of triangle. It is seen that when you cover your head hijab automatically got tightened from the sides then pin the hijab from behind so that your necklace can also be visible to others.
  • With the heavier and brighter outfits it is suggested to have simple, light work hijab this will you grace and sophistication.
  • Now-a-days young girls love to have a voluminous and messy hijab style. This style will give you a modern and glamorous look.
  • Floral and colorful hijab always give anyone to fresh look. In parties or in wedding you can make a loop with them by simply hang the hijab around your neck and make sure one side of hijab from shoulder is shorter than the other then take the longer side and wrap it in the form of loop around your neck.

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