How to Remove Mehndi Color from Hands and Hair

The topic here we discuss now is, How to Remove Mehndi Color from Hands and Hair. But first of all we share with you how to remove henna color from hands. As you know Mehndi is an traditional thing which is popular not in Asian countries but now also in west. In Asian countries especially in India and Pakistan Mehndi has assumed an important element of every occasion related to religious and social. Indian and Pakistani women apply mehndi on their hands on different occasion just like weddings, birthday parties, Eid and holi ,dewali ,raksha badhan as well.

How to remove Mehndi Color from hands

You can remove Mehndi color from hands with some home use things like bleach, baking soda with lemon juice, olive oil, tooth paste, salted water, and hair conditioner.


Bleaching is a common method to remove mehndi from hands. You can apply bleach on your hands leave it until dries then wash with water.

Baking soda with lemon juice:

Take required quantity of baking soda and make a thick paste with lemon juice. After this apply this paste on your hands and leave it for ten minutes. When this paste become dry wash with warm water and gets rid of mehndi color.

Olive oil:

Olive oil considers an excellent thing to remove mehndi color from hands. Soak a cotton ball in olive oil then apply on mehndi color and repeat this method  several times ion a day.

Tooth paste:

Take required quantity of tooth paste and apply on their hands then leave it until dry. When tooth paste become dry then washes with water and gets rid of mehndi color.

Salted water and Hair conditioner:

Beside these soak your hands in salted water for several times in a day and you can also use hair conditioner to get rid of mehndi color from hands.

How to remove mehndi color from hair:

Remove color from your hair completely is not possible but you overcome something .Don’t use any harsh method to remove mehndi color and you Peroxide bleach, color stripper, chemical dye, minerals oil, and many more. Remember one thing all above things like Peroxide and bleach, color strippers, etc dangerous for your hairs, so be careful. Never ever use peroxide on your hair because through this you can damage their hairs. Beside these you should go to a hairdressers and you feel its expensive but safe your hair from any damages.

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