Top 10 Most famous Indian Fashion Designers

Details of Top 10 Most famous Indian Fashion Designers is given there. In every period of time women wants to wear perfect and stylish dress according to their personality and this thing is doing her. But now these days this issue solve various designers because now available a wide range of designer collection in market. Actually dress designer is a person that grooms your personality because every body does not have charming personality, so that are designers who understand every personality and design their collection according them. Here we share with you Top 10 Most famous Indian Fashion Designers. Indian fashion industry is making progress with cooperation of film industry. Today most of designer offers their work through film screen and the Indian film industry is the real trend setter of fashion in India. Here we mention top fashion designer of India.

Top 10 Most famous Indian Fashion Designers are given there..

1. Ritu Beri:

Ritu beri is one of the most famous and well known fashion designers in India. This are the first designer of India that is represent Indian fashion first time in Paris. She has offered her first collection in Layvanya in 1990.Their designing is so stylish and attractive and every body like even the VIP personalities like their work just like US president Bill Clinton and some other Vips.

2. Rohit Bal:

In 1996 time magazine honored of this talented fashion designer as “India’s master of fabric and fantasy. He is the leading designer of India and has launched much collection and he converts the Indian craft and village materials to the fabrics in beautiful manners.

3. Ritu Kumar:

Ritu Kumar is an Indian fashion designer and most famous fashion icon of Indian fashion industry. Her designing cuts and style are popular not only in India but also all over the world. She gets fame earlier and develops their work on international level and she is known for her gorgeous and unique work. She inspire in her designing from the past area of ndia and use in her collection both traditional and modern trend. She also design the dresses of three Miss India winner.

4. Manish Malhotra:

Manish Malhotra is one of the most popular and leading fashion icon in the Indian fashion industry. He entered in the fashion field at the age of 25 and he started the designing from the famous Indian actress Juhi Chawla movie dresses named Swarg.Since then he become famous among the other top Indian actresses like, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Bachan, Karishma Kapoor and many more.Manish Malhotra properly launched their work with the opening of his shop named Reverie in 1998.

5. Tina Tahilani:

Tina Tahilani is basically a professional Indian fashion designer and she get education about fashion from New York, Fashion institute of technology and returned in India 1987.She bring a new change in the fabrics. Her brand name Ahilian and popular all over the world.

6.Rina Dhaka:

Rina Dhaka is most creative and stylish designer in Indian fashion industry and she entered in this field in 1980.Since then she proved through their designing that she is innovative designer and introduce new cuts and style.

7. Manish Arora:

Manish Arora is well known fashion designer and his work popular all over the world. From 2005 his dress collection has been launched every year in London. His collection is available in market by the name of fish fry and now 84 outlets display his work.

8. JJ Valaya:

JJ Valaya is known for his work and creation in their designing. He makes his name by their unique designing among the top ten Indian fashion designers. He belong the historical city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. He launched the first Indian couture solo show in 1994.From 1997 he worked with the top designer in different countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, London, Dubai, New York and Paris.

9. Aki Narula:

Aki Narula is a new talent but a very creative fashion designer in the Indian fashion industry. He officially launched his designing collection and his brand in 1996 with the name of Aki .But now through his work he proved that he is one of the top designer of India and western designer.

10. Neeta lulla:

Neeta lulla  is known as the Bollywood fashion designer and also known huge impact traditional costumes in their collection. He also wins best fashion designer awards just like Best Costume designer and Kingfisher Award for Outstanding contribution to Fashion. She is famous among the all over world and especially in Bollywood film industry.

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