How to Treat Long Hair with Aloe Vera/ A Natural Healthy Source

Details about How to Treat Long Hair with Aloe Vera/ A Natural Healthy Source are given there. Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural herb which is best for skin and health. In past and now today aloe Vera is use in all hair and skin treatments. Today much hair falling control products are available in market and the main ingredients which use in product is Aloe Vera. So all hair treatments are so expensive and every can not afford them. Here we share with you use of aloe Vera in natural way and the topic we discuss How to Treat Long Hair with Aloe Vera/ a Natural Healthy Source. Aloe Vera contains a lot of benefits related to hair treatment.

How to use Aloe Vera for hairs

Aloe Vera Mask

Here we tell you about Aloe Vera Mask for unmanageable hair.


1. Aloe Vera gel half cup

2. Castor oil 2tsp

3. Fenugreek powder 2 tsp

4. Basil powder 1 tsp


Blend all above ingredients very well and make a thick paste then apply on your scalp and hair. Leave this mask over night and cover with a shower cap. When you get up in the morning first of all wash your hair with mild shampoo. The benefit of this mask is promoting hair growth, reduce dandruff and conditioning hair.

Hair Conditioner:

Hair conditioner makes your hair soft and silky. You can home made conditioner at home with Aloe Vera because chemical hair conditioner damage your hair.

Aloe Vera hair conditioner recipe


1. Aloe Vera gel half cup

2. Thick hibiscus flower paste 2 tsp


Mix all ingredients and blend very well and now Aloe Vera conditioner is ready.

Apply this mixture on hair, if your hair dry ads in 1 tsp olive oil.It make your hair strong and healthy and increase your hair growth.

Aloe Vera Shampoo:

Aloe Vera shampoo is best than other expensive shampoo and here we tell you a aloe vera shampoo.


  • Aloe Vera gel 2tbs
  •  Jojoba oil ½ tsp (omit for oily hair)
  •  Essential oils 40-50(see suggestions below)
  •  Distilled water 2 cup
  •  Dried herbs2 ounces (see suggestions below)
  •  Liquid Castile soap6 ounces


Take a clean pot and add in distilled water for boil then add in all above herbs. Cover the pot with lid and steep for 15 to 20 minutes on low flame. After this remove flame and put out the spent herbs from the liquid and then discard with a thin cloth. Add in castle soap slowly and mix it gently, after this adds in aloe Vera gel, jojoba and essential oils. Mix well and safe this shampoo in a plastic squeeze bottle. Shake well before use this herbal shampoo.

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