Lovely French Manicure Nail Art Ideas

You can have a perfectly manicured nails as long as the manicure is well groomed and easy. Nothing can match a neat and clean manicure. French manicures have become a popular choice among women. These manicures are the best choice for the working women who can not go with funky nails at work. You can find a variety of nail art designs in French manicures these days because they have undergone radical change. Now instead of plain white, you can have lovely French manicure nail art designs.

Here are some of the new classy ideas for creative French manicures that you can experiment with, to have lovely nail art designs.

Try Sequenced French Manicure Tip:

After applying basecoat, you can have a French tip of ink blue nail polish. When it dries up make some patterns of ferns on the top corner of nails with white paint. To add sophisticate shine, place sequins on the nail leaving the patterned area. Finish off the look by preserving it with top coat.

Try Stencils to Draw Lovely Patterns:

You can use air brush technique and stencils to draw any of the creative French manicure nail art designs. The best thing about this type of designs is that they can last for long time.

Try a Lovely Rock Star Look:

Apply black nail polish after a base coat and then put on some star water decals. Preserve it with top coat. So, you have an easy to make rock star nail art design, creative for French manicure. This nail art design look stunning for working women and girls at the same time.

Stamp French Nail Art:

It is easy and pretty nail art design. For this you just have to apply a light color of nail polish like light pink, skin, green, or blue. Now draw stamp patterns with the help of stamps and special white paint for stamping. Cover your nails with a top coat. So, you get a pretty everyday look.

Funky Patterns with Ombre and Black:

Try this funky tip created with little effort. Apply black polish and than a coat of ombre leaving a black edge of the nail. Now draw loose patterns with black on it. It looks very difficult but in fact it is quick and easy.

Glittered Tips:

You can try glittered French tips. Apply transparent polish to your nails and when it half dry, sprinkle glitters on the tips and let it dry. Cover with the top coat.

Free Hand Tips:

If you are good at loose hand drawing, take acrylic white paint to draw your favorite patterns on your nails. You can also add gem stone to make this like more alive and stunning.

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