Pretty Pedicure Nail Art Ideas for 2023 Pictures

Nail art is ruling the world of fashion. Everybody has seemingly fallen in love with nail art designing, from models and movie artists to even school girls. Here we have trendy and creative ideas of pretty pedicure nail art designs. Yes, its true that nail art on toes is now as much in fashion as it is on hands. It looks beautiful and classy as the way it looks on hands. It looks beautiful and classy as the way it looks on hands. The procedure and technique for creating nail art design on toes is same as it is for hands but you need more practice to create nail art on toes.

Polka Dots Toe Nails Art Designs:

Apply any of your favorite colors nail polish and make polka dots with the help of dotting tools in any contrasting color. Preserve your design with top coat.

Stamp toe Nail Art:

Its looks really cool and pretty. Apply any of light color nail polish and stamp it with the specially designed stamp for nail art. You can use any contrasting color for stamping. Stamp only the thumb of your toe. As the other nails of foot are very small, just apply the contrasting colors on alternate nails.

Floral Patterns on Toe Nails:

If you are good at hand painting, you can draw any floral pattern on your toe nails with the base of any of your favorite nail paint.

Gem Stones on Toe Nails:

Apply a bright nail cooler than take a dotting stick and dip it in top coat bottle. Now place a gem stone on it and put it on your thumb nail. Make a flower of 5 or 6 gem stones on thumb in the manner. You can also paste small stones on the other fingers.

Stickers on Toe Nails:

You can apply sticker son toe nail. It does not consume time and energy. Even an untrained person can apply sticker with a little effort.

Rock Star Look:

To get a rock star look, apply jet black nail polis on your nails and place stars of water decals in silver on white color on it.

Glitters on Toe Nails:

If you have long toe nails, apply white nail polish on the extended nail and apply bright color on the nail bed. Now carefully sprinkle multicolor glitter on the white portion before its get dried.

Strips on toe Nails:

Draw strips of two or more contrasting colors on your toe nails to get a spectacular look.

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