Elegant Bridal Makeup for African American Women

African American perspective brides can have a glamorous and elegant make up for their wedding day. Remember that you are the heroine of your wedding film and photographs. You should be proud of your looks and photographs even when you show them to your children. Keep on reading this article to learn various tips and tricks that will guide you to have a natural and flawless look for your wedding day.

Foundation for African American Wedding Make up:

Prepare your facial skin for the application of flawless wedding make up.

  • Before the application of foundation, you have to apply moisturizer, oil controller for oily skin and sun block.
  • Use concealer to hide the pigmentation or other imperfections on your face.

Now its time for application of foundation.

  • Use a lighter tone of foundation for dark skin tone on your face.
  • Apply a darker tone on the light area on face.
  • Now use a medium tone of foundation on whole face and blend all the three tones to get an uneven tone.
  • Apply loose powder to set the foundation.

Wedding Eyes for African American Brides:

It is recommended to have light, bright and airy eye shades instead of dark and smoky eyes. Select a quad of colors that complement each other. Dark brown, copper, gold, off whites are the colors that compliment each other. They can make a stunning look for wedding day. You can also experiment with each other colors before wedding to find out the combination that suits you best for wedding day.

  • Line your eyes with a brown or black pencil.
  • Apply the medium shade of your chosen combination on your eye lid.
  • Apply the dark shade on the crease.
  • Apply the lightest tone under the eye brows as a highlighter. Blend all the three shades.
  • Choose water proof mascara that will not clump your lashes together. Do not forget to comb your lashes.

Wedding Lips for African American Brides:

Go for natural and elegant lip color for wedding day. Sheer pink or light brown with gold flecks look great on African American skin tone. You can apply gloss t add glow to your look.

Blush Your Cheeks for Wedding Day:

Apply light pink or copper color blush according to your lips. So, you have a neutral and elegant wedding look ready for you. It will not appear over done and will provide you a lovely look to be photographed.

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