How to Remove Tattoos Yourself at Home Easy and Quickly

As tattoos have become very much in fashion, people liked have different signs, symbols, names and figures to be drawn on their skin but most of them regret the ink that appears to be very difficult to remove at home. Here is the best way to remove unwanted tattoo at home. Yes, take your tattoo off with simple home remedy known as salabrasion. It is the powerful home remedy that will naturally make your tattoo to be faded. The first thing is mind make up. You have to decide in your mind that you want to take off the tattoo because once you have decided; there is no way to reserve it back.

  • Once you have decided, gather the tools needed for the process that include a hand towel, a bowl of water, a shaving razor, an anti bacterial soap, a gauze sponge, 2tbsp of powdered salt, an anti bacterial cream and sterile bandage.

Boil the water in a bowl to make it disinfected and let it cool.

  • Shave the tattooed area to remove all hair on it. This will help to make the process easy and less painful.

How to Remove Tattoos Yourself at Home Easy and Quickly?

  • Wash the area with anti bacterial soap and warm water to disinfect it. Pat it dry. Or, dip the towel in warm water and make the area wet with it.

Dip the cotton gauze in warm water and roll it on the powdered salt so that it will absorb the salt in it. Salt is a natural exfoliating agent. Rubbing it on the skin with help to remove the superficial layer of skin that is known as epidermis.

  • Now rub the inseminated cotton gauze in the inked region of your skin for approximately 40 to 50 minutes until your skin takes a crimson appearance. It may cause pain and itching on your skin.
  • Leave it for at least 2 hours then wash it with cold water for 5 to 7 minutes. You will see the tattoo is faded and some ink has rinsed away with washing.

If there is some bleeding, press your skin with a cloth soaked with hydrogen peroxide. It will reduce the chances of infection. Apply vitamin E to cure the sear tissue. It will also speed up the process of healing and reduce inflammation.

  • Pat the area to make it completely dry and apply antibacterial cream. Cover the area with bandage.

Change the dressing after 2 to 3 days to check the region and the process of healing. If you feel severe pain and suspect infection in your skin, consult you doctor.

  • When you find the skin is properly healed. Repeat the process to make the ink lighter and less visible. Eventually you will succeed in removing the tattoo at home. It is just the matter of time and energy. It is effective for new and old tattoos at the same time.

You should carry out the whole process carefully and with sterile and clean things because improper handling of things can cause greater damage to your skin.

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