How to Get Smooth Skin on Face Naturally

Do you have dry patches on your skin that breaks out time and again? Or you have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to rashes, irritation and itching. Or you have oily skin with acne and sear that become greasy and rough at time. How along to learn how to get clear and smooth skin, no matter what skin type you have. The things that matters is consistency which is key part in maintaining healthy smooth skin. Here are the simple tips that you can easily add to your daily routine to get smooth skin as you always wanted.

  • Make a routine of washing your face with a gentle cleanser in morning and night. Do not use hard scrubs daily. It may be irritating and can cause various problems. Use yoghurt as a natural organic cleanser for normal or oily skin. Add a pinch of haldi in it which will make your skin smooth and soft without chemical. For dry skin, you can use cream of fresh milk with a few drops of lemon juice in it as natural cleanser.
  • Apply a toner at least once a day which will make your skin refreshing and smooth. You can have pure rose water in a spray bottle as toner for all skin types. In summer, place it in fridge and when you spray it on your face, it will refreshen you instantly.
  • For healthy and smooth skin, you have to moisturize it properly especially before going to bed. You can use coconut oil as a natural light moisturizer which will not only make your skin smooth but also protects it from wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Use home made scrub according to your skin type at least twice a week. Almond scrub works well for normal and dry skin. Take 5 to 7 almonds and grind them. Add little amount of milk to make a paste. Apply it on your face. Do gentle scrubbing for 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. It will give your skin a smooth glow at once.
  • For oily skin, the excellent scrub can be prepared at home. You have to dry the orange peel under shade and grind it to make a grainy powder. Add equal amount of powder milk, 2 tbsp of gram flour and 2 tbsp of ground almond. Keep this dry mixture of powders at room temperature and when ever you want to use it. Take out the quantity of powder and add some water in it to make a thick liquid scrub. Apply it on your skin and get wonderful results.
  • Every time you use a home made scrub, do not forget to apply mask to close the pores. Avocado and honey mask is best to make your skin smooth and fresh.

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