What Makes Women Healthy Beautiful? Artificial Make up or Natural Beauty

You can have a hot debate on: whether natural beauty is better or man made beauty which is acquired by the use of various artificial cosmetics and chemicals based make up products. It actually depends on your own idea of beauty. Everyone has his own preferences. Some people want to be simple and natural and satisfied with God gifted beauty. On the other hand there are some women, no matter how much natural beauty they have, cannot live without artificial man made cosmetic such as foundation, coloring the eyes and lips, hair extension extra. So what do you think, makes women beautiful?

As media has a vital influence on us and our life styles. Everyone wants to follow the standards of beauty, set by the celebrities of the artificial world of glamour and fame. Now a woman overpowered by media, looks in the mirror and finds only flaws on her face. This is because media has perceived a specific meaning of beauty. Thus, in order to keep the media’s portrayal of beauty, women can use a number of artificial make up products to hide the part of their look which they considered to be flawed and can embarrass them in front of public.

In past minor treatments such as the application of more powder to hide facial marks or use of artificial wigs to add to the length of their hair etc, were done. But now days, with the advancement of technology major changes are done with plastic surgery, dental treatments and hair transplant etc. There is a list of side or after effects of the use of these artificial cosmetics.

What can be more attractive and beneficial than natural look? God has gifted every person with exclusively attractive features and a unique look which can never be attained by the artificial make up. Yes, you can enhance your natural beauty with artificial products and add to your elegance but according to my view point you can have exclusively artificial beauty. This man made beauty can never complete with natural beauty.

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