How to Hide Dark Circles under Eyes without Makeup

People find inconvenient to have dark circles under the eyes. By having this people look older than their age thus this lessens their confidence level. Moreover, dark circles under the eyes mostly look very tired. During childhood dark circles may appear due to inherited behavior. Generally dark circle are caused due to sleep deficiency, oversleeping, Eczema, stress, crying, excessive usage of salt and many other reason. Poor diet and sleep deprivation is the major cause of dark circles under the eyes. Luckily, there are a number of ways to hide the dark circles under the eyes without using makeup. Few of them are discussed below that how to apply them:

Take a Healthy DietPoor diet is the major cause of dark circles so avoid unhealthy food. Take nutritious food. People love to eat junk food and have no idea how it will react to your body but actually these are very harmful for your skin. Avoid taking those foods which contain an excess amount of salt. In addition alcohol is also very harmful for your body as it causes bloat which causes dark circles around the eyes.

  •  Avoid Rubbing your EyesRemembering the friction concept. In the same way when you rub your eyes with hands, palms or fingers it causes friction around your eyes which darkens your skin.

Moisturize your Skin It is found that around the eyes skin is quite thin as compare to the skin of whole face. It doesn’t contain any oil glands. So keep this area moisturized and hydrated as much as possible to remove the dark circles around the eyes.

  •  Yoga for FaceTo have a healthy skin, try yoga for face. For this, put your middle fingers among the eyebrows and then start moving your fingers with pressure in the outward direction. In the same way look upward and move your lower eyelid in the up direction so that you make a strong squint. Repeat this process for 6 times. When you finish this process shut your eyes for 10 seconds to relax yourself.

There are some very useful and effective home remedies which help to remove the dark circles around the eyes. Some of them are discussed below.

CucumberCucumber is the best dark circle removing agent. Cut the cucumber into slices and then place it onto your eyes. Cucumber juice will make your skin moisturize thus it will hydrate that area and place these slices for 15 minutes every day until the dark circles got lighten.

  • Rose Water Rosewater act as toner it reduces the dark spots. Take a cotton bud adds few drop of rosewater and then apply it around your eyes and leave it for 15 minutes. Apply this daily for effective results

Aloe VeraAloe Vera has the solution of every problem. Aloe Vera gel is very good for the skin. Apply gel onto the face for 15 minutes and then wash your face gently. For best results apply Aloe Vera gel for at least two weeks.

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