What to Wear to a Winter Baby Shower as a Guest in December January

Baby shower is the way to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. Family, friends and all relatives got very excited to celebrate this occasion and take participate to make this event more memorable. Like every occasion, everyone wants to have a best outfit in baby shower to look attractive and smart and to make this event more beautiful and memorable one. Mostly it is seen that people arrange some theme for baby shower, have some yummy dinner or lunch or organize amazing games in which everyone participate easily and give goody bags to small babies to make them more excited and part of this. Furthermore a surprise cake is arranged by the family member to give surprise to mother to be and make wishes for her, for her good health and recovery.

To attend baby shower in winters is not so easy you really need to find the best outfit to stay cozy and stylish but make sure that your whole look reflect your respect and happiness for them. Here are some good dressing options that what to wear in winter season if you are attending baby shower as a guest in month of December or January:

Dress Yourself according to Time and Venue:

  • If a function is in the day time then it is better to dress yourself casually go with a tunic along with a blazer and a matching necklace and scarf. For elder’s it is recommended to wear a simple chiffon dress and pant trouser and accessorize with simply.
  • If a function is the evening in the hall, then a more classy and elegant look is needed. For a very girlish look you can wear a velvet maxi or a long gown. For elder age women better to wear the fancy dress and don’t forget to take your shawl and place it on one shoulder. By having this you will have a very descent look.
  • For a western look in both evening and day light function wear a smart outfit with a stunning necklace and take a stole and a well fitted and smart overcoat.
  • For girls it is best to go with ruffles, flowing and floral dresses.


For winter season it is best to have happy and bright colors. For a day time choose the bold colors and floral print. For an evening go with the intense shades and dark colors.

Foot Wear:

Smart heals matching heals add more style to your dressing. To keep warm in winters it is best to have light stockings. Furthermore, code shoes also give you a very stylish look and you will have a very descent look.

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