How to Fold a Bandana to Wear Around Your Neck

Here we share with you How to Fold a Bandana to Wear around Your Neck. Wearing bandana is one of the best fashions and becoming a great fashion in these days. Boy’s and girl’s are very excited to wearing it. Basically this is a large piece of cloth or handkerchief that may be square or in triangular shape and mostly brightly colored with some sort of design. Mostly bandana has been made by cotton or silk in number of colors schemes and verities. It’s also available in different printed shapes which make your personality awesome and looks like a hero when wear it around the nick. Its generally wear in hand, head or around neck. But here we tell you only wear around neck. Now a day’s it considered as a fashion but it’s not only use for fashion even it has a lot of other features.

You can use it for keeping out dust of their face and you can also use for the protection of your nick and you can use it according to their need. In some places it is used to as a traditional and a lot of other purposes. It has a lot of other usage if fold around the nick including sun block of nick, sweat band, waist pack, wet and were in hot weather and much other usage purpose.

Method of wearing around your neck:

Step 1.First of all take a bright or any color cloth for it and lay it out flat. Now bring two opposite corners together and make a triangle with scarf.

Step 2.After this put this scarf around your neck and tie the ends beneath your chin like twist and tie a single knot at the back side of the nick.

Step 3.The front of scarf should be under your chin and remember one thing tie it according to your base of neck.

You can wear this beautiful and eye-catching bandana scarf around your neck as a latest fashion symbol. During tie you already know about one thing that is don’t tie it tightly around your neck. So if you want to know about how to wear scarf around you neck, must it. Because this must suitable for all type of seasons along with make on more stylish. Now many new ways are also introduce so one can try it more then one way.

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