How to Make and Fold a Pocket Square for a Tux

Here we share with you How to Make and Fold a Pocket Square for a Tux. The pocket square is most affected on the personality of man. With this a man is looking handsome and looking awesome. The pocket square is the single most necessary tool for defining a man of style and true manners. You are looking best one of the reason of pocket square. The pocket square for a tux is one of the best ways for excellent looking. You may look formal and well mannered with the pocket square. The most effective and classical pocket square is a white handkerchief with fine linen and preferable in hand rolled. There are a lot of verities and colors schemes available in the markets for pocket square. If you want to choose a pocket square so carefully because if you choose other kind of cloth which may be not rolled or fit for a tux.

You are looking formal and best when your handkerchief seen on the best left side to the tux. The best pocket square adds nice color make more effective your tux. Where the pocket square which more suitable look for your tux and make your look in different style and looking outfit and dashing. There are many methods to fold a pocket square due to these methods everything with men looking formal wear.

First of all you open the square and iron the square in good way and keep straight on a table. After that fold it half lengthwise and then fold the handkerchief more than half from bottom to top side. Then fold to it from right to left side if their hands and after that stuff the handkerchief into your pocket and adjust the height from the pocket bottom which is helpful to looking your personality excellent and well mannered. This method is very simple but here we explain below some eye-catching methods of pocket square with pictures.

Let’s check out the names of pocket square below:

  • Consortium
  • Mirage
  • Pizzazz
  • Oasis
  • Regalia
  • Matrix
  • Epic
  • Paradigm
  • Cameo
  • Calico
  • Symposium
  • Citadel

These stylish pocket squares looking very gorgeous and eye catching. These styles are different from each other and here we share with you some attractive styles with examples. So that one can easily fold them and enhance to beauty of their dress. So must check out this page if you want to know about how to fold different pocket square.

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