How to Lighten African American Hair without Bleach Naturally

Answer that how to Lighten African American Hair without Bleach at Home naturally with the help of peroxide honey lemon juice cinnamon are given in complete detail. As we know everyone wants to be look beautiful in every way as well as the major thing is our hair, its increase our personality. If you have silky and smooth hair you must be looking awesome all of them and you will be noticed that if you have dry hair so you looking normally. So protect your hair in every season now we talk about African American hair if you saw the American hair so you will understand me very well that what am I saying……

African American hairs:

African American people have dark black color hair and also these people have too much curly hair. He has unique hair styles because they have connection to African ethos; we know the cure of curly hairs is too much difficult.

Cure African American hair

  1. You must have need to moisturizer, good quality shampoo, Conditioner, olive oil. Firstly purchased these things with in good quality.
  2. Now wash your hair with the help of shampoo massage it with politely hands and wash it.
  3. Then apply the cleanser on your hair to be very carefully use it’s not apply on the roots of the hair.
  4. Please no straightener or any curl machine use on your hairs, avoid these things.
  5. Let dry the hair before combing.
  6. Then apply olive oil on your head massage it

Dark hair without bleach:

Black color is the naturally color of our hair but some time we need change in ourselves. So we need to change our hair color, as well as you know when we use bleach in change the color and bleach make loose our hair so know we can tell you how African change the hair without bleeching.

Required things:

  • Honey
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Amla oil
  • Hair color product


  • Use honey directly on your hair as we know it is not spread in well manner you apply it as a mask with add some quantity of water and audition only moist hair. Than cover it with plastic covers and leaves this for half hour and after wash it with warm water.

Make chamomile tea and if you want some adding in this so you put your favorite shampoo mix it and apply it on your hair it will be make to lose your color after 30 minutes you will remove this mixture with the help of water as you want you also apply conditioner its depend to you.

  • Apply lemon juice it also will be help you to remove your natural color.

Take a cinnamon sticks make it powder add it your favorite shampoo and also conditioner put it mix it in well manner and apply it than cover it with plastic cover and then wash it with warm water.

  • Apply amla oil adding lemon juice and apply it leave it for 1 hour it will be great effect to lose the color.

Then apply a hair color as you want you would like. In this way you make your new hair color without bleach.

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