Health Benefits Soy Milk for Women Breast Cancer Patients

Soy milk also called soya milk ,soymilk ,soybean milk ,fake milk ,Syo milk or soy juice and sometimes referred to as soy drink/beverage is made of soybeans. Soy milk contains about the same proportion of protein as cow’s milk: around 3.5%; also 2% fat, 2.9% carbohydrate, and 5% ash. This milk use in East Asia: in Chaina soy milk use for long time in breakfast and also popular in other countries just like Hong Kong ,Japan ,United State, Europe, Singapore ,Malaysia and many more countries. Soy milk consists of verities of essential nutrients including proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It also contains is flavones and other antioxidants that are very effective for health.

Due to these qualities soy milk is a good source of nutrition for people. However, soy milk not to be a good idea for every one because it not beneficial for health n some cases.

Benefits of soy milk for women breast cancer

  • According to a survey about 5,000 breast cancer patients in Shanghai, China, over almost four years, that people who take most of soy foods had the highest survival rate and lowest risk of recurrence.
  • American Cancer Society declared soy based food dietary guideline to reduce cancer risk because it contains various anti carcinogens.
  • Various studies proved that healthy diet plan is very effective to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.
  • Soy foods in particular, the isoflavones found in soy will help you to reduce prostate cancer risks.

Helfreich’s studies didn’t show that whole soy promoted tumor cell growth. He agrees that eating soy in different ways may be good for everyone,  even breast cancer patients.

According to the Helferich that breast cancer patients can safely eat soy foods in moderation but not over eat soy foods.

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