Health Benefits of Soy Milk for Cancer Patients

Soy milk is obtained from soy beans which are found in Northern China. It is known as “Complete Protein “. It is the protein obtained from vegetable which is as good as animal protein found in meat products. It is highest caliber and contains essential nutrients. It is proved that the people who add soy protein in their diet and reduce meat intake are generally more healthy and their risk for certain diseases is reduced. One of the most chronic of these diseases is cancer. It is consumed that the consumption of soy products especially soy milk lessen the risks of various cancers such as breast cancer in women, colon cancer, prostate cancer in men and lung cancer

Soy contains chemicals called photo chemicals and phytate which binds iron and chemicals in the intestines. Another chemical saponens protect DNA from damage and thus prevents cancer. Phyto sterols present in soy are good to cure and prevent colon and skin cancer. Isoflavones are chemicals unique to soy, good to prevent cancer.

Here is the list of benefits of soy milk that are directly co related to cancer.

Prevents Breast Cancer:

Women taking soy products especially soy milk are less prone to breast cancer. As soy products are used in the diet of Asians that is why that is less rate of breast cancer in Asian Women.

Colon Cancer:

Take soy milk regularly to lessen the risk of colon cancer and enjoy safe and healthy life.

Prostate Cancer:

It has been experimentally proved that soy milk can prevent the risk of prostate cancer in men and also restrict the growth of cancer in the already afflicted patients.

Lung Cancer:

Science has been proved relationship of soy with lung cancer experimentally.


It works as an antioxidant that prevents the damage of cells which can cause cancer.

Manu scientific researches have conducted to find the effect of soy products on cancer patients and it has been found the two third of the cancer patients have responded positively against disease. Thus it is good to take soy milk for cancer patients but the more important thing is to consult your doctor and take the diet recommended by him.

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