Easy Hairstyles That Don’t Require Heat

In this time of machines and technology, you can find variety of machines that can style your hair with the help of heat produced with electric charge. These machines and tools are easily available in markets and their uses are rapidly increasing. Some of the common Hair do machines are hair dryers, curling rods, straighter and etc. You may be amazed t know that you can make heatless hairstyles that can save your hair from damage and breakage. Here are some of the gorgeous, effortless and quick to make hairstyles that you can have with any heat.

Twisters with Clip:

Make a centre or side part accordingly to your choice. Take a small portion of hair from each side and twist them tight. Secure these twisted strands at the back of your ears with hair pins. You have a gorgeous front style made in no time without any heat.

Loose Curls without Iron:

Wash your hair and when they are half wet, divide them in small sections. Take each section separately and twist it tightly than tie it on your head with clip. Let your hair air dry. Now remove the clips to get loose curls. Do move fingers in your hairs. Use hair spray to set them.


There are varieties of braids that are easy to make and look lovely without much effort such as fishtail braid, French braid, simple braid, water fall braid etc. Braid is a best option for those having long hair and wants to tie them in a stylish manner.

Wavy Hair:

Make two sections of damp hair and make tight braids. When your hair get dry with air unbraid them gently. Separate the waves formed by braids. You can tie them on the centre or side according to your choice.


If you want to go on a party and have a sophisticated hairstyle with complete formal look, you can make many types of buns that are made without heat like Swiss roll and sleek knot bun.

Heat Free Straightening:

Wash your hair and use a deep conditioner too untangle them. Comb through them while in shower. Rinse with cold water. Keep on combing until they get dry. Apply an anti frizz serum when your hair is still half wet. After they get comparatively dry, press them with a towel like a straighter to get the required results.

Front Pouf:

Make a half pony tail up near the crown and put it up to height on which you want a pouf. Fix it with pins.

Side Pony Tail:

If you have long hair and no time to style them up, just make a bit high pony tail on the side and tease it with a teasing comb. You can have a front pouf or side part curls with this pony tail.

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