Best Make up Tips to Look Good in Pictures

Every woman want to look good in pictures but sometimes untrained make up application makes you look terrible in pictures though you look better in real life. Beauty experts and make up artists recommend various tips of make up application and color selection that look best in pictures. Here are the technical experts make up tips to look superb in photographs.


The most important thing is to prepare your skin for make up application. The more neat and healthy your facial skin is, the lesser you will apply make up and it will be your fresh and glowing skin that people will be looking at. Exfoliate all the dirt from your face with a soothing creamy face wash before starting the make up. Apply moisturizer before hand t leave your skin feeling fresh, clean, moisturized and polished.


To have flawless face perfect for pictures, the secret is to apply concealer to hide the flows like pimples, dark circles, blemishes and scars. Use a concealer one or two shade lighter than your natural skin tone.


To define your face, use a bronze for a light bit of sculpting. Apply it on the areas where sun hits naturally like hair, cheeks, nose and chin. Finish sculpting lightly by dusting a shimmer to your cheek bones. This will help in catching the light beautifully.

False Lashes:

If you use false lashes, they will make your eyes look amazing in pictures. Apply perfect eye makeup and set the lashes in best way.

Keep Make up Matte:

To stay matte and overcome the natural oils that becomes more prominent in lights and camera, keep a mate loose or compact powder with you everywhere. Apply it on your whole face when needed leaving the cheeks as they are. It will keep you camera ready all the time and provide your face a natural radiance.

Chin Down:

With the perfectly applied make up, you should have perfect posture for pictures. Focus your eyes towards camera and lean a bit forward keeping your chin down.


Have a calm perfect smile on your face that will relax you down. Keep on breathing in normal manner. Stand a bit sideway; keeping your face towards camera that will give you a smart look.

Apply Matte Make up:

Do not use anything that reflects light. Use matte make up and less shimmer otherwise the camera flash and other heavy lights will make your face shine with oily glow that does not look good in pictures.

Refine your Complexion:

Try to refine you’re your natural complexion. Do not ever attempt to make it fairer because it looks clownish in pictures. Keep your foundation shade close to your natural skin tone. Just make your skin glow with freshness and enhance your features rather than making it more and more fair.

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