Fashionable Ways to Wear a Scarf on Head

Head scarves have been worn for centuries across the world. It is a way o keep hairstyle intact, to keep the head warm, to show modesty or as a religious obligations. Head scarf is also considered a fashion and the way and trends of wearing it, change during years. During 1960’s the fashion of wearing headscarves was popularized by various Hollywood actresses who wore them with great styles. Now a days, head scarves though not much popular yet are useful and can be weared to add glamour or causality to your look, you just need to know the ways to wear them fashionably.

Windsor Style Head Scarf:

It is simple and neat style that is best for a windy day out. This style is associated with Queen Elizabeth 2 who wore it on several public occasions. For this style, take a square scarf and fold it in half diagonally. Place the scarf on your head with the loose ends on the sides. Make a knot of these ends and leaving the remaining ends free.

Classic Head Wrap Scarf:

This style is a bit complicated but looks really elegant. Take a large square scarf and fold it in triangular form with the inner side smaller than the outer one. Place it on your head. Take both edges and cross them to the opposite side. Tie a double knot on the back with loose ends to have an elegant head scarf wrap. Wrap the loose drape sitting under the knot around the knot to tuck it neatly.

Elegant Head Band Made with Scarf:

If you have a fancy and beautiful head scarf, you can tie it in the form of the head band that will look more gorgeous than the other head band accessory. It is light and comfortable to wear as compared to the hard and tightening head bands. For this style, take an oblong scarf and fold it in the form of strip and made a crease with the help of your fingers. Place it on your crown and tie a knot on the back under your hair and set the loose ends free on the either sides of your shoulders.

Back Knotted Head Scarf:

It is a simple style that keeps your hair intact and prevents them from falling on your face while studding or in a picnic party. Take a square scarf and fold it diagonally in a triangle. Place this scarf on your crown. Keep the centre end pointed on the back. Make a double knot of loose ends on the back and tuck all the hair under it. It will give you a neat and comfortable look.

Turban Style Head Scarf:

It is mostly adopted in religious observations. For this style fold a large square scarf into a triangle and place the centre at the back and pointed end on the front at the centre of your forehead. Pull both the sides up to wrap them around your head just behind your bang line. Tie a knot on the crown of your head. Tuck the ends into this knot. Put the pointed end of the triangle under the knot making sure tat whole of the hair are covered. For a fashionable look, add a light weight brooch on the front at the knot.

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