Breast Cancer Treatment during Pregnancy

 The topic here we share with you Breast cancer treatment during pregnancy. Pregnancy during breast cancer is not safe because in some cancer cases treatment is safe while other can damage the fetus. If you are pregnant then consult your doctor and discuss about the risks and benefits of diagnostic tests and treatment options. The most common cancer among the pregnant women is breast cancer which affects the approximately one in 3,000 presidencies. Usually breast cancer diagnosed in pregnant women2 to6 months later instead of non pregnant women. An important thing which you remember that if breast cancer suspected during pregnancy then consult your doctor before the diagnostic tests like x-rays.’X-rays radiation is harmful for the new born baby, so be aware .CT scans is an other method to diagnose cancer, this method is much better instead of x rays.CT scans consider a safe method during pregnancy because their radiation is not affect the direct fetus. Beside these other diagnostic tests like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and biopsy are consider the harmless and safe tests during pregnancy.

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During pregnancy the doctor examines the lymph nodes to see whether any are affected and will remove the lymph nodes where the cancer spread. Usually doctor does chemotherapy after the first trimester. If the breast cancer on the (Stage III or IV) this situation is complicated and on that time that radiation which uses to treat the cancer, it can be very difficult to safe the baby. On this stage surgery and chemotherapy both treatments are required to treat the breast cancer, so there is a high risk to harm the baby.

Mostly doctors recommended that if you want to be pregnant wait for more than two year after the treatment of their breast cancer because it has a chance to come back the breast cancer .Breastfeeding is not harmful during the breast cancer. However, if you are under treatment the chemotherapy for breast cancers, on that time stop breastfeeding. Powerful chemotherapy drugs can mix with the breast milk. So this is a place where you can find out beneficial information about breast cancer during pregnancy.

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