Bed Wetting Cause and Solution in Children

Bed wetting is a chronic and embarrassing issue among the children and kids. This bad disease also irritates the children and they feel shame from their family members. According to the research of National Institutes of Health that nighttime incontinence   in children is start at the age of 5 or 6 and now more than 5 million children sufferer from this chronic disease. Another research proved   15% children wet the bed at the age of 5 but 5%kid suffer from bed wetting issue at the age 8 to 11.This issue is common among the boys instead of girls and according to the doctors this ratio 2 boys to 1 girl. Both children and parents are worried about that and want to solve this issue. So this is a place here you can find out effective tips to get rid of this issue. The topic we discuss here is related to bed wetting problems in children named by bed wetting cause and solution in children.

Bed Wetting Cause and Solution in Children

 Bennett says 90% kid’s think that they are blamed himself which makes them worse. In some cases uneducated parents blamed his child why he/she wetting bed but they do not under stand the child problem. Bed wetting in the nighttime (nocturnal enuresis) is the first cause because the child bladder is not enough big to hold full night urine. Most of research proved that who wet the bed may have a deficiency of (ADH) HORMONE.


Genetics is the main thing which causes of enuresis. If you observe her family history you find out that may be the parents or their nearly relatives wet the bed in their childhood. Bennett says, most of bed wetting issues is due to the inherited and three out of four children either a parent or a first degree relative also wet the bed in childhood .Dr Godfrey Clark says ,that if one parent wet the bed in childhood, then their children have a 45% chance to do so.


Bed wetting is another cause is stress which children face in different shapes like moving house, Parental divorce or bullying at school or at home. In the age of 4 stress produce the primary nocturnal enuresis and the bed wetting at night is the significance of stressful life.


  Constipation is another common cause of bed wetting and constipation associated with bad fluid intake and diet.

Solutions of bed wetting

  • One thing remembers as a parent that bed wetting is not under control your child, so do not give punish a problem. In this way child blamed their because he wet the bed due to his laziness. This sign is not good in your children and as a parent you tell their children that this problem he has not the only one with this problem. There are many other children in his class who also wet the bed.
  • Stop their children drinking liquid before going to bed especially soft drinks.
  • Advise your children and make sure that your child goes to washroom before go to bed and also awake them during night to make a habit to go washroom.
  • Beside these if your children issues do not solve so contact a doctor for proper treatment. This is a place where you can find out the solution of bed wetting problem


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