Breast Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Signs for Women

Topic here one discuss is Breast Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Signs for Women. Breast cancer is a common disease among the women especially in American women. Every year 230,000 new cancer cases are registered in all over the world and in United State One in every eight women suffer from this painful Breast cancer. Mostly there have no specific reorganization of Breast cancer but a number of risk factor has been identified. There are 2.5 million Breast cancer cases diagnosed in the united state in this period of time and nearly 40,000 women are ready to be dying in 2023.According to the research of American cancer society that Breast cancer is the second painful disease in women after the skin cancer. The main reason of the all types of cancer an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells and treatment of every patient is different according to their cancer type. Here we share with you Breast Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Signs for Women.

Breast Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Signs for Women are given there..

Symptoms and Signs of Breast cancer:

There are different symptoms in various people but some one does not have any symptoms or sign.

Symptoms and sign of breast cancer:

  • Pain in the area of breast
  • Redness in the nipples area or the breast
  • Irritation of breast skin
  • New plum in the breast or armpit
  • Swelling on the area of breast
  • Pain in the nipples area
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood
  • Change in the size of the breast.


One’s can safe herself from this pain full and dangerous disease with some prevention here we mention below.

Examine your doctor about breast cancer screening:

There are different type’s technologies to examine the breast cancer such as clinical breast exams and mammograms and you choose the right technology according to your doctor advice.

Avoid postmenopausal hormone therapy:

AS you know hormones therapy increase the risk of breast cancer and before going on hormones therapy talk to your doctor about the benefits and risk of this therapy. If you want to reduce the risk of breast cancer use the lowest dose of hormones therapy in short time.

Less you’re drinking habit:

Over drinking is not good for your health because it make the cause of breast cancer. So avoid it and take one drink per day to safe herself.


Exercise is must for you to maintain your internal and external health. Exercise will keep you fit and healthy and do 30 minutes exercise daily. Start the exercise with the advice of your doctor.

Maintain your weight:

An ideal weight keeps them healthy and you can suffer from any critical diseases. You can loose your weight with exercise and balance diet. Over weight increase the risk of different diseases including breast cancer.

Preventive medications:

In these days there are available preventive medications which help you to reduce the risks of breast cancer. May be these medicine have some side effects so before use ask your doctor. These whole are Breast Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Signs for Women so its necessary that one must keep in touch with this page and get information about it.

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