Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It Diet Plan, Weight Loss

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It Diet Plan, Weight Loss is combined in “Why we get fat and what to do about it” is a book written by a science writer Gary Taubes in 2010. It followed his another book for weight watches that was written in 2007 with the title “Good Calories, Bad Calories” but it was a heavy scientific book therefore not easy to read. However after it Gary wrote the consumer level book that was directly about weight loss and weight gain which most people like to read.

Almost the 200 pages of the book” why we get fat and what to do about it” is devoted to the reasons of fatness of human body. Though most of the science is same as In “Good Calories, Bad Calories” yet Taubes use the most simple language and style that are easy to understand for the common people. He uses various examples to explain things properly. The writing style is less academic and more colloquial as compared to Good Calories, Bad Calories. He uses simple direction and direct style to appeal the common people. Even at the places where it is necessary to go deep in bio chemistry, he tries to remain simple and clear.

The book is largely about weight gain and loss. Taubes directly focused on it but discussed the various diseases caused by changes in weight in very brief content. He covered the lipid hypothesis but to assure the reader that is not supported by scientific evidence.

After the introduction, Taubes describes: why we get fat? First we talk about things that did not make us fat such as poverty because the people from obesity that is the result of prosperity. The science has proved that exercise may be good for human health but it works little for the consumption of extra fat so low calorie diet in the solution but since 2 centuries we have decided that as we are rich so let’s eat more and more less.

From here Taubes explains the reasons with lot of examples and discussed really beneficial aspects of human major problem that is obesity. He gives reference of researches and evidences from daily life as well.

Taubes also talks about the answers of what to do about the fat and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

So, the book is much recommended for weight watchers. It will help you out in various ways. This knowledgeable book will be quite beneficial for you to guide you properly about different aspects of weight gain and weight loss of human body.

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