Shoes Match to Wear with Prom Dresses Long, Short, White, Black, Red

One of the most anticipated occasions in young girl’s life is her high school prom for which she begins to plan and look forward desperately even before she enters the high school. A prom signifies the end of high school and beginning of the prospective practical life. A young lady wants to look the best of her on this special occasion. So she decides and plans consciously about her appearance, clothing, make up and of course shoes that have to be more than perfect.

So, after a tireless search of shops all over, you have found your dream prom dress. But then, you remember you need shoes too for the perfect complete look. You do not have to worry just follow this guide that will definitely help you in choosing the best footwear according to your taste. You have to consider your dress style either it is short and long, have too think of the color whether it is red, white, purple o any other of your choice. The prom shoes should fulfill the two purposes. One is: it should be easy to wear and comfortable throughout the party because you have to actively walk and dance with them. The second thing is: the shoes must be matching and contrasting to your dress color. They should also compliment the style of your dress because if you are wearing a short prom dress long shoes with covered toes or peep toes with high heels would be the best option. For long prom dresses you can go for any comfortable high heels with covered or shown heels according to your choice. Other suggestions are written below:

Shoes Match to Wear with Prom Dresses Long, Short

  • If you want to have a more mature and sophisticated look with the prom dress of heavy material such as matte or fancy silk /satin in full long length, the covered toe shoes with long heels can be the best option for mature look. But if you are wearing a short prom dress like princess silk short frock for more youthful appearance, you should opt for toe shoes with heels.
  • The height of the heels should be chosen according to the length of your dress and your own height. If you wear a along prom dress that is not too long off on the floor and you are also heighted, wear a medium heel that can be of 2-3 inches not more than it. But if you are short height, consider high heels of 4-5 inches. For short prom dresses you should also wear heels. But another ting you consider is that whether you have to spend a whole night on feet or not. If the answer is “yes” do not wear extremely long heels that will be really painful and uncomfortable.
  • Another important consideration for prom shoes is the color of your shoes. You may match the shoes with your dress or choose gold or silver shoes that mostly suits to all the colors of dresses and also add a more glitter to your appearance. You can also opt for black because it is generally considered that black looks good with all colors.
  • Make sure that shoes are comfortable. wear them before the prom night for 2 or 3 times to check their comfortably

After making the above mentioned decisions you can narrow down your search from shop to shop and save time.

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