How to Treat Large Open Pores Correctly?

A biggest problem but its solution is possible if one knows that How to treat large open pores correctly. Women face this terrible condition and always want to get rid of this problem. So they use different remedies and beauty products to overcome these large open pores. Mostly women have a very low open pore but in some cases these pores are open and large. Open large pores produced oil and pimples on your skin. If you treat your open pores regularly and use open pores products, it would be effective because there are no permanent ways to reduce open pores. Only homemade remedies are effective for open pores and your daily cleansing routine.

How to Treat Large Open Pores Correctly?

Cleanser: Use a best quality of cleanser and clean your face daily and don’t over wash your face. Set your cleansing routine and wash first time in morning and second in evening. Open pores produce when they clogged with dirt, oil and bacteria.

Ice cubes:

  • Use ice cubes on your face and this thing tightening your skin. Ice cubes close your skin pores.


Use a light scrub on your face and scrub remove from your face dirt and died skin cells. Always use a best quality of scrub.

Apply yogurt mask:

  • Yogurt contains lactic acid and probiotics which help you to reduce open pores and keep your skin fresh. Apply yogurt on your face and then massage gently and leave for 15 minutes.

Eating habit:

Mostly women eat oily food and fried things, if you get rid of open pores avoid oily food. Always eat fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. If you eat healthy food your skin looks fresh and glowing.

Almond with rose water:

Apply a face pack of almond with rose water. Take some almonds and soak them in water over night then grind and make a fine paste and add in it ros water few drops .Apply this mask on your face until dries. When it dries wash with cold water.

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