How to Get Fair Skin at Home For Women?

Now these days every woman has a dream to get fair and clear skin. We always use different creams and masks for this purpose. But all this process is not permanent because all beauty products effect on our skin for a certain period. So here we share with you natural homemade remedies for fair skin. In some cases skin become fair but lack of care, skin change in to uneven skin tone. The main reason of uneven skin tone is sun exposure but mostly women ignore this thing. Women considers that in summer the sun light is not damage their skin but the summer heat can not only dehydrate you but also soak moisture from your skin.

So always keep your skin safe from sun rays and take a huge amount of water. If you get fair skin set a routine to clean your face regularly. Always clean your face two times, first in morning and second in before going to bed. When you wash your face properly and remove died skin cells, dirt and daily makeup, you can get fair skin tone.

How to Get Fair Skin at Home For Women?

  • Sun exposure: Always avoid sun exposure because the main reason of your darkening skin tone is sun. So always keep in mind when you go outside wear sun block for skin protection.

Use scrub:

Exfoliation is necessary for your skin two times in a week. Scrub remove died skin cells from your skin. After scrub you feel that your skin is so fresh and clear.

Water intake:

  • Water intake is best for glowing skin, so drink 8 to 10 glass of water daily. Water always moistures your skin and keep safe your skin from hydration.

Homemade remedies and Honey and banana mask:

If you get fair skin then apply a banana and honey mask. It gives your skin instant glow and fairness.

Lemon, honey and glycerin:

  • Take equal quantity of lemon juice, honey and glycerin, make a mixture. Apply this mixture at night. This mask makes your complexion brighter and lightens.


Take a half lemon and scrub on your face daily for lighten your skin tone. Lemon has a bleaching agent that helps you for getting fair skin.

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