Tips for Pregnancy after Missed Abortion D&C

The topic here we share with you tips for pregnancy after missed abortion D&C.Now a day the miscarriage problem is common in new mothers and they were worry about this. Mostly first two or three month pregnancy end in miscarriage and found this problem in 10-25% of early pregnancies. So you should know about the safe pregnancy and the causes of miscarriage. This thing will help you to maintain your pregnancy healthy during pregnancy period. If you informed about the miscarriage before the pregnancy will help you to do safe preventions. In some cases observes that miscarry is natural on its own but sometimes miscarriage may be incomplete  and doctor are decided to go on the D&C process .D&C is a surgical method that dilates the cervix and curettage is performed by scraping and suctioning the uterine contents.

If you face due to any reason this critical situations don’t leave at home, on that time it would be best to see your doctor with out wasting your time. In some cases the body does not drive out the fetal tissue, placenta or other tissue completely, or at all.

So in such cases doctors prefer to go on D&C to safe the health of expecting mother from, any kind of infection and/or hemorrhage .D&C is such a good method to reduce the high risk of infection and/or hemorrhage. There are different types of signs of miscarriage and mention below.

Signs of incomplete miscarriage

  • No fetal heart tone
  • Fast vaginal bleeding
  • Cramping, rhythmic, labor-like, but milder
  • Cervical dilation
  • Blood clots and tissues

Pregnancy after missed abortion D&C

According to the doctors conceived second pregnancy after the three months of missed abortion .If you have pregnant before the due date this is a high risk of miscarriage again so remember the advice of doctor. In the period of three months eat a balance diet like meat, fresh fruits, vegetabls, eggs, milk and many more healthy foods for recovering. Beside these take the medicine described the doctor and go for the regular check up for your internal health.This is a place where you can find out the information about the pregnancy after the missed abortion.

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