Top Ten Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are different signs and symptoms found in the women and one should know about these symptoms. The first sign of pregnancy appeared after the one week of conception or more than with in the first four weeks. Here we share with you the top ten early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Mostly women have various signs from one another and the most common symptoms are like Tender breast, dark nipples, feeling weak, spotting, feeling tired, a missed cycle, food craving, appositive pregnancy test, headaches and change sense of taste.

The most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy are given there…

A missed cycle

The first sign of pregnancy is stop the regular period and the missed period is pone of the permanent sign of pregnancy. But some time your periods are irregular so make sure after the pregnancy test.

Breast tender

The second sign of pregnancy is breast tender and swollen .You feels pain when touch the breast area.

Darker nipples

One’s skin can change during the pregnancy and as a first sign you notice the skin around the nipples areas getting darker. This sign often appear after the eight weeks of pregnancy.

Feeling tired

During pregnancy you feel much tired than other period of time. Pregnancy change you body hormones and one can feel tired, upset and emotional.

Food craving

Food craving is one of another sign of pregnancy and your food craving developing with the passage of pregnancy period.

Change smell taste

Some women change the mouth taste and when eat any thing feel the egg smell in every thing. Your sense of smell changes during the pregnancy period and you find that you are more sensitive from different foods and cooking.

A positive home pregnancy test

There are several types of home pregnancy test which gives you a positive result. If a blue line appears in the test window, you are expecting.

Spotting and cramping

Spotting and cramping is a common sign when you expecting you have some spotting at that tome of period. Beside this you notice light pink or brown color stain in your knickers.

Feeling weak

You can feel morning sickness after the few time of conception and it reduces with the time and some women going on vomiting early in morning.


You can feel headaches during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes. In this article we mention early sign and symptoms of pregnancy, so keep in touch with this page.

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