Simple Tips to Choose Right Foundation

Remember the Simple Tips to Choose Right Foundation that works a lot. Foundation is the basic part of your makeup and without it your makeup is not complete. There are various types of foundation just like cream, liquid, powder, sheer, pressed powder, mineral. All these foundations are not perfect for all skin types because our skin also have different types. First of all when you purchasing foundation herself, you also know about your skin type. There are different types of skin like dry, oily, combination and normal and now available foundation according to your skin type.

Choose that foundation which is match your skin tone and when you apply it looks so natural. 5 simple tip to choose right foundation and here we mention different foundation according to your skin type.

Oil base foundation:

  • Oil base foundation is perfect for dry skin because it will hydrate your skin. This foundation gives your skin a radiant and instant glow. Avoid using oil free foundation for dry skin because our skin loose their moisture with the passage of time, so oil free foundation looks like a mask on your skin.

Powder base foundation:

This foundation is made for oily skin and the women who have oily skin choose the powder base foundation because it absorbs the extra oil from your skin. You can also use mineral base foundation for this skin type.

Creamy foundation:

  • This foundation is perfect for very every dry skin and for problem skin .If you have some skin problem, this foundation cover all signs a make your skin fair.

Liquid foundation:

Weather plays a vital role in choosing your foundation and if you live in dry weather always chooses liquid base foundation. Beside this also use a moisturizer along with the liquid foundation.

So here we tell about some foundations which are best according to your skin type. If you purchase foundation for any party so choose liquid foundation because it gives you a perfect coverage. If you choose foundation for regular bases, mineral foundation is perfect.

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