Best Eyeshadow Color for Blue Eyes

There is a wide range of eye shadow colors available in market and the most important thing is that every eye color is not for you. Mostly women do a mistake on purchasing eye shadow without knowing their eye color. With the passage of time this trend change and every body know what they purchase and now eye shadows are available for every kind of eye color. One thing remembers you don’t use those colors which are matching with their clothes because it makes your eyes duller. Here we share with you some specific colors which are perfect for blue eyes makeup just like browns, grays, gold ,orange ,purple, rusty peaches, or plum color.

Best Eyeshadow Color for Blue Eyes:

  • The first things that you remember that is don’t apply blue color on blue eyes. When you apply eye makeup make sure that your eye is clean and removes previous eye makeup.

After this apply a base coat of gold eye color and blend very well. You can use black eye liner for blue eye and apply a thin line of eye liner.

  • Beside this you can add with gold eye color, dark green, dark purple, silver, brown, light or pink.

If you want that your eye looks smoky then applies some silver color on the bottom of the lid. You can also apply mascara and you’re looking so glamorous.

You can apply contrast colors which make you eyes outstanding. Blue is a very cold color which means it should be contrasted with warm colored eye shadows. So it depends on your choice of eye shadow colors and enhances their beauty. This is a place here we share with you how to apply eye make up for blue eyes.

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