Short Hairstyle Fit Your Face Shape

Almost all women can wear short hairstyles but the ting is to find the best suited hair cut and hair texture that has to be in accordance to your face shape. Here is the guide that to be in accordance to your face shape. Here is the guide that will help you to figure out which hairstyles suits your face shape. The first and foremost thing in order to have short hairstyle is to choose a hair cut that flatters your face shape and enhance your frame. Short hair cuts are popular because they are easy to handle and on the other hand, the make your facial features centre of attention.

Short Hairstyle Fit Your Face Shape

  • So if you have square face, you can have a short bob that hits your jaw bone. You can go for a graduated bob that is shorter from back and I comparatively longer at the front.
  • For long face shape and high Forehead, cover up half of your forehead with front on side bangs.
  • If you have round face, you can consider the hair cut that end 2 or 3 inches below your jaw bone and some long layers like in long bob.

 After having the most suited haircut according to your face shape, let us consider the short hair styles that suit to your hair texture.

  • If you have straight hair than it is quite easy for you to manage a short hairstyle but you have to give a little bounce or wave to your hair so that your face will not look flat.
  • For coarse or naturally curled hair, it becomes very difficult to have a short hair style because they become fizzy, messy and somewhat untidy even after styling. So reconsider your desire to have short hairstyle with curly hair they look good with medium or long length but if you still want short hair than consider 2 – 3 inches length lower than your jaw line.
  • If you have wavy hair, many of the short hair styles look stunning on them. For occasions you may straighten them according to the requirements.

 Now come to the largely worn short hair styles that flatter more or less every face shape.

  • Pixie crop with soft side swept bangs looks best on most of the face shapes especially the long face.
  • You can go for loose waves with side parting and an elegant pin on the side to tie it.
  • For fancy and formal look accessorize your hair with fancy bands, pins, chips and studs.
  • Thick and heavy hair can look amazing with front high up. It looks amazing in round face shape.
  • Try loose soft curls on the ends of straight textured hair.
  • If you are short of time, you can just blow dry your short hair and keep the ends outwards to add bounce to the hair.
  • If you want to have a tied formal bun, you can have it with medium high back coming on the front and tie a fake small bun on the back and cover it with your twisted real hair. It will make you look very attractive and best for yourself for a formal party.
  • Try little wavy hair blow dried with side parting on a round face. The side parting will give you face an elongated appearance.
  • Try tied front with twisters and embellish it with small beads.

 Thus for now you are equipped with a variety of ideas that you can consider foe short hair styles that fit your face type.

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