Makeup Brushes and Tools Types and Their Usage

With the advancement in beauty industry, many make up brushing and tools have been introduced t make it easy to apply make up products. There is a range of companies that have launched the complete sets of make up brushes and tools. Here is a list of some of the commonly used tools and brushes with a description of their usage.

Fan Brush:

It is multi purpose brush that can be used foe blending applying blush and cleaning up the excess powder.

Brow Brush:

It is an angular brush to fill in the thinnest line of brows.

Powder Brush:

It is the most commonly used make up brush and should be present in every make up collection for the application of foundation and powder. It is comparatively large in size with a long stick and has soft and heavy bristles.

Eye Blending Brush:

It is also a widely used brush that makes the task of blending eye shadows along the crease of eyes and merging them together. It is small in size with tiny foam like bristles that work perfectly on eyes.


It is important make up tool that is used to blend the stick foundation. It is also used for make up removal. It is mostly round or square thick foam which can be used dry as well as wet with water.

Lip Brush:

This brush is tiny and used for the precise application of lipsticks and gloss.

Angled Eye Liner Brush:

It has very thin and pointed bristles with small stick. It is used to apply thin and smooth layer of eye liner along the upper and lower lash.


It is a short brush with flat, round bristles used for the application of mineral powder or loose powder. It is used like a buffer in circular motion.

Angled Blush Brush:

It is like the powder brush in its firmness, used to apply blush on cheekbones.

Concealer Brush:

It is a narrow tiny brush with tapered end and allows you t apply concealer on the concentrated area.

Contour Flat Brush:

It is a flat brush used for contouring the nose with its corners.

Mascara Application:

It is a tiny brush with rounded thin bristles used for application of mascara on lashes.

Brow Comb:

It is small tool with tiny thin bristles like comb which can be used for combing the brows and lashes and keeps them in shape.

Smudge Brush:

It is specifically used to smudge the concentrated areas of eyes in smoky eye make up.

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